Kempers Watersport

For water sport fanatics near Aalsmeer – well, not just near Aalsmeer – Kempers Watersport is a highly esteemed marina. This company sells, rents and buys gorgeous boats, whether they’re state-of-the-art cruisers or centuries-old sailboats. Their full-service marina is bursting with facilities and beautifully located next to the Westeinderplassen.

Our role

With Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram at our disposal, we want to show the entirety of the Netherlands that this marina is equipped with everything a water sports lover could need. To achieve this goal, we mainly use personal videos and short promos. We’ve also conceptualised and worked out the promotion and programme for a virtual open day.

In a nutshell

Target audience: Water sport enthusiasts
Phase: Year-round
Types of content: Visuals, personal videos

Channels: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram – previously Twitter

Goals: Making the Kempers Watersport brand more personal, increasing the occupancy of berths
Length of campaign: 4 years


For 2022:

LinkedIn views: 128.659, 69,8% increase
Facebook views: 40.257
Facebook watch time: 13.695 minutes
LinkedIn followers: 940, 80% increase
Instagram views: 15% up
YouTube subscribers: 5.598, 15% increase

Increases in statistics based on stats from 2021.

Online Open Day

Organising events in a socially distanced world: well, it’s not without its difficulties. So what was Kempers Watersport supposed to do with their upcoming open day? That’s where we came in. Let’s get digital.

We thought of competitions with live award ceremonies, filmed and edited vlogs about the ins and outs of water sports, and set up a live Q&A. That way, water sports enthusiasts could still ask everything they wanted to know about selling their boat, the marina itself, or anything regarding the sport they’ve come to love. Take a look at the video for an example.

An online event can offer a nice boost to your social media and is a fun, original way to reach out to your community. Curious if we can help to translate your event to the digital realm? You’re welcome to contact us.


Let’s move forwards together.

Creating great video content for social media is time-consuming, takes a lot of energy, and you need to do it in just the right way.

We’re happy to help you out.

Years of experience

For years, companies and event organisers have counted on us to for their video content. From the RAI to the Jaarbeurs, from IT offices to marinas.

Tailor-made video content

We’re going to work together with you to give your social media presence exactly what it needs. Nothing’s off-limits, although we wouldn’t suggest starting out with a thoroughly choreographed musical routine.

Want to talk?

You’re welcome to call, e-mail or message us by any means at your disposal. We’re still working on deciphering smoke signals, though.