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Everything is moving online, from the latest video trends to the latest challenges. As an organization you have to move along. What’s going on? And which form of social media is hot and happening? You can read it all on this page! Every month we keep you informed about the latest trends and developments.


While live video streaming has been popular before, it will continue to gain traction in 2021. People love to communicate in real time; it has become one of the most important video trends in 2021. It has become even more topical during the corona lockdown when we all stayed at home. Influencers are chasing new video trends and companies can use them too.

Short-form video content

This video marketing trend has been boosted by the recent launch of Instagram Reels and the growth of TikTok. To score well in video marketing, short, fast and energetic videos are certainly among the most popular trends to focus on when planning a marketing campaign.

The more personal, the better

Vlogging is one of the most popular ways to communicate with your target audience. Today, big influencers and even big brands also use vlogging to communicate with their customers. Companies create their channels on YouTube where they share their daily routine, the stories of the team members, secret recipes, situations behind the scenes and of course updates about their new products or services. This trend seems most sincere and close to the company’s audience. It shows that people can identify with another using a video.

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