Hi! We are Boom Your Business.

Our superpower? Creating authentic, substantive and personal video content for social media.

What we do

We’re going to work together with you to construct a tailor-made social media campaign. Of course,

Boom Your Business creates online visibility for your company or event. With our dual expertise – video and social media – we’re going to make sure that you’ll be – and stay – top of mind with the right target audience.

Our creative and tight-knit team will get to work to create tailor-made videos for your social media channels. Your purpose will take center stage: we’ll translate and transform it into rock-solid video content. You’ll take the wheel and decide which message you want to send into the world.

Planning a campaign will happen in good consultation and with a cup of coffee. Or two. We offer two specific types of campaigns, as well as an app:

Event campaign

Prior to your event

Your event can’t just quietly pass the world by, right? In the months leading up to your event, we will produce a steady stream of content for you. We’ll post our content on regular days in the week, established in advance. That’s how we will make your event come to life online.

During your event

At the ‘moment suprême’, everything has to be 100% right. That’s where we come in. Our Social Report Team will come to your event and roll up their sleeves to work on live event coverage on your social media. It’s the perfect way to cap off the campaign. From excited visitors to highlighted sessions, from atmosphere impressions to interviews with exhibitors: we’ll bring your event to life on your social media. As a cherry on top, we’ll make a recap video afterwards.

Want to know more? Read more on this page.

BoomBuzz app

Ambassadors, activate! We’re strong believers in the power of ones personal network. That’s why for this campaign, we also offer the BoomBuzz app. It makes sharing and creating unique social media content extremely easy for you and your stakeholders: a smart shortcut to improving your organic reach even more. Read more here.

Company campaign (year-round)

Are your social media channels in need of a good home and some loving owners? We’re more than happy to take care of your social media year-round. (A splash of water three times a day, enough sunlight, the works.) It’s essentially similar to the structure of the event campaign, except there’ll be no live event coverage. This campaign will keep your community active and engaged with your company all year long. You won’t just be visible – you’ll stay visible.

What does it cost?

Want to learn more about our rates? Take a look at our options menu and assemble your own tailor-made social media campaign. Or choose one of our regular packages.

Check out our rates for our Social Report Team here.

Packages including social media management with video content – or just video content – are also available on request, with subscription periods of 6 or 12 months.


Let’s move forwards together.

Creating great video content for social media is time-consuming, takes a lot of energy, and you need to do it in just the right way.

We’re happy to help you out.

Years of experience

For years, companies and event organisers have counted on us to for their video content. From the RAI to the Jaarbeurs, from IT offices to marinas.

Tailor-made video content

We’re going to work together with you to give your social media presence exactly what it needs. Nothing’s off-limits, although we wouldn’t suggest starting out with a thoroughly choreographed musical routine.

Want to talk?

You’re welcome to call, e-mail or message us by any means at your disposal. We’re still working on deciphering smoke signals, though.