What does it cost?

Eager to know more about our pricing? Take a look at our Dutch customizable price list/menu here, in which you can create your own tailored video campaign for social media.

Check out the rates for Social Report Team (SRT) days here..


6 months
  • 2 self-recorded videos per month
  • Instructional video and tips (recording, expanding your network, social media, etc.)
  • Intro/outro in the corporate style (worth €130)
  • Basic edit: audio, video, subtitling
  • One feedback round per video


12 months
  • 8 self-recorded video's per month
  • 1 video recording by Boom Your Business per month
  • Instructional video and tips (recording, expanding your network, social media, etc.)
  • Monthly online meeting (content conceptualisation, planning etc.)
  • Copywriting for videos on social media
  • On-site video recording
  • Intro/outro in the corporate style (worth €130)
  • Complete edit: audio, video, subtitling, keywords, B-roll, transitions etc.
  • One feedback round per video

Introductory offer: your first video from € 390 for € 195

Do you want to finally become visible on social media? We can turn your home-recorded vlog into a professional production, complete with subtitles, color grading, and much more. We can offer you a 50% discount on the first video. So, instead of € 390, the first video only costs € € 195. Not too shabby, right? In the video to the right, you’ll discover the impressive difference between a homemade vlog and a well-edited video.

What do you get?

  • Practical instructions and tips for an optimal video recording
  • A meticulously edited video of up to 60 seconds, including:
    • Your logo and branding
    • Subtitles
    • B-roll (if available)
    • Audio editing
    • Video cutting and trimming
    • Highlighted terms
    • An outro
    • One feedback round
  • A video that you can share across all your online channels: social media, website, newsletter, etc.

Want to know more? Call 020-7500920 or send an e-mail to susanne@boomyourbusiness.nl! We’d love to tell you more.


Let’s move forwards together.

Creating great video content for social media is time-consuming, takes a lot of energy, and you need to do it in just the right way.

We’re happy to help you out.

Years of experience

For years, companies and event organisers have counted on us to for their video content. From the RAI to the Jaarbeurs, from IT offices to marinas.

Tailor-made video content

We’re going to work together with you to give your social media presence exactly what it needs. Nothing’s off-limits, although we wouldn’t suggest starting out with a thoroughly choreographed musical routine.

Want to talk?

You’re welcome to call, e-mail or message us by any means at your disposal. We’re still working on deciphering smoke signals, though.