Live streaming

Reach a bigger audience and create real-time engagement with live streaming on social media! Share more substantive content with your community, ensure interaction with live Q&As, set up an online awards ceremony or offer a digital tour of the premises. It’s a perfect way to be directly approachable and visible to your audience. Want to know more? We’d love to answer your questions.

How it works

We want to make live streaming accessible and possible for everyone. That’s why we’ll take care of the technical side and videos, so you can simply focus on the programme and its contents. Prior to the livestream, we’ll promote it on your social media channels. We can also create a recap to share afterwards.

Our activities


  • Conceptualising the live stream
  • Creating social media poll for target audience to vote on subjects
  • Promoting live stream with social media and online ad
  • Setting up digital environment
  • Communication between involved parties
  • Creating video templates in corporate identity
  • Planning and organisation

Shooting day

  • Video meeting to discuss the programme and its contents
  • Recording video for live stream (including rental of extra AV gear)
  • Online and offline support

Five advantages

1. Maximising your reach and establishing your brand online.
At this moment, users prefer live streaming. Live streams get better results in search engines and can therefore reach a bigger audience.

2. Creating an emotional connection with your viewers.
You can buy views, but love is not for sale. That’s why you need to build up a personal connection with your viewers. Showing unfiltered and authentic content can certainly help with that.

3. Bridging the gap between your digital and physical presence.

Both your digital and physical presence are essential to your brand’s success, but digital presence is growing ever important. Making sure that the physical and digital realms of your brand are aligned and represent the same values, is crucial for a united brand image.

4. Creating real-time engagement.
Live streaming is a sure-fire way to get high engagement and learn more about your target audience and their wants and needs. Setting up a live chat alongside a live stream can help to rapidly answer your audience’s questions.

5. It’s safe and efficient.
In a time where we unfortunately can’t be in the same room together, a social media live stream is a safe alternative. Say goodbye to long and winding trips, hotel stays and ridiculous airfares – you can simply attend a livestream from the comfort of your own home.

Want to view some of our examples? Take a look.


Let’s move forward together.

Managing social media and creating video content is time-consuming, takes a lot of energy, and you need to do it in just the right way.

We’re happy to help you out.

Years of experience

For years, companies and event organisers have counted on us to manage their social media presence. From the RAI to the Jaarbeurs, from IT offices to marinas.

Customised social media solutions

We’re going to work together with you to give your social media presence exactly what it needs. Whether it’s highlighting news items, filming and editing personal video messages, or giving your event registration a boost: anything’s possible.

Want to talk?

You’re welcome to call, e-mail or message us by any means. We’re still working on deciphering smoke signals, though.