Online Sessions

To increase your online visibility it is important to have a plan. What are you running into or where do you need help with? We offer online sessions to help you on the right track! These are the online topics:

Social media strategy

Before you start the game it is important to have a strategy, right? If you want to improve your online visibility by starting a video or social media campaign, a good strategy is important. What resources do you need? And how can you optimize your reach? We like to think along with you! We look for the right route, so that we can walk it together.

Awareness sessions

By working together within your company or organization, many goals can be achieved. But do you also think about the network from outside? How can you make the networks of exhibitors, retailers and colleague partners work. In our online sessions we explain the purpose of video content on social media. We show the advantages such as a higher ranking and the simplicity of further sharing. We create awareness so you can benefit together from greater visibility.

Case: Activate dealers at the premium boat brand Sea Ray.

We want to increase the reach of Sea Ray’s European YouTube channel by activating dealers. The dealers of the boat brand are spread all over Europe, which is why their network is relevant. By raising awareness of the power of sharing videos, Sea Ray’s European channel will generate more visibility. Dealers are selling more boats because online visibility increases and Sea Ray Europe gets a bigger reach, a real win-win!

Tips for increasing your online reach

Increasing your online reach can be an endless journey. In the beginning, you probably continuously adjust your strategy to achieve the desired results. By continuously creating, measuring and steering results on social media, we can achieve the desired effect. Are you looking for other help? No problem! Following an introductory meeting, we are happy to offer tailor-made solutions.


Let’s move forwards together.

Creating great video content for social media is time-consuming, takes a lot of energy, and you need to do it in just the right way.

We’re happy to help you out.

Years of experience

For years, companies and event organisers have counted on us to for their video content. From the RAI to the Jaarbeurs, from IT offices to marinas.

Tailor-made video content

We’re going to work together with you to give your social media presence exactly what it needs. Nothing’s off-limits, although we wouldn’t suggest starting out with a thoroughly choreographed musical routine.

Want to talk?

You’re welcome to call, e-mail or message us by any means at your disposal. We’re still working on deciphering smoke signals, though.